December 31, 2012

Winter NCS Camp Hosted by Special Teams University and Husted Kicking

December 29th 2012 Brady Beeson and I partnered up Husted Kicking and Special Teams University to put on a National Camp Series evaluation camp in Vadnais Heights Minnesota.

The camp was held in the Vadnais Heights Dome which was an extremely nice facility. We had enough room for all 15 of our athletes to compete and learn. I had a total of 4 long snappers attend the portion of the clinic that I was coaching.

Brad Albano who is a post college long snapper looking to continue his career was in attendance. Brad had no former coaching on long snapping and wanted to come and get help to improve his speed and accuracy.

Nick Clements was another post college long snapper who came to do the same thing. Both had snapped in college, Brad for Bemidji State in MN and Nick for St. Scholastica which is also in MN.

Nick had recently attended a tryout for the Omaha Beef in Nebraska and wanted to better his snaps to help him make a team.

In the high school division we had Jackson Hunzelman of Edina High School attend. Jackson is a junior at Edina and wanted to improve his long snapping so he could take over the job his senior year.

Our last long snapper that attended was Jordan Winegar who is an 8th grader from Hammond WI who was completely new to long snapping. None of the snappers that attended had previous coaching and all were looking to improve.
Brad Albano

Nick Clements

Jackson Hunzelman

Jordan Winegar

The first part of the camp was the evaluation portion of the camp. The athletes came in, got an introduction to the coaches and staff and then had time to warm up.

After warm ups we went straight into charting. We chart before we do anything so that we do not have athletes over thinking new form and adjustments while they are testing. We want them to come in and show us how they snap before we make any adjustments.

During the charting I was able to get a very good feel of what each long snapper did well, and what they needed to improve on. For the most part they all did a very good job for never receiving any formal training.

After the charting was finished we held a field goal competition with live snaps, holds, and kicks. We used every long snapper and just rotated them in so that they all had an opportunity to work with different kickers.

This was a great opportunity for me to see how the guys acted under pressure and also a great time for teaching moments. I was able to make small adjustments during this time that helped each snapper out greatly.

Towards the end of the competition we had one kicker left that was going for a camp record. He hit from 50, 55, and his last kick was just short from 60 yards. We had great snaps and a great showing from the kickers as well.

After the competition we took a short break to eat lunch and recover from the charting. When we came back it was time for the instructional portion of camp. Since I was able to see every snapper perform before we started the instruction I knew exactly what we needed to work on.

We started out by teaching the proper way to hold the ball and only had to make a few minor adjustments on some of the campers. All of them already had the basics, we only had to fix a few guide hand heights and make sure that they all had space between their palms and the football.

We also covered the correct arm motion. All of the long snappers that came to camp were straight arming the football when they snapped, meaning that they did not hinge at the elbows at all allowing their arms to whip and add velocity on the football. After we had established the right way to grip the football and to use their arms we worked on their stances and trying to have a flat back while snapping.

They all picked this up very quickly and we were able to move on to using legs to put speed and power into the snap.

After showing them how to use their legs, which took a little while as it is a difficult movement to do, I was able to break the skill down into a few different drills in order to help them grasp the concept along with get as many reps as possible to enhance their learning.

When we had incorporated all of these things we put them together at the end only to find footballs flying faster and more accurately than before!

It was a great day of long snapping for all of these guys who learned a lot and improved a lot over the course of the day. I look forward to working with them all again in the future.

-Kyle Stelter

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