December 31, 2012

Special Teams University Long Snapping Lesson with James Ring

December 30th 2012 I met up with James Ring and his father Dave for our second long snapping lesson. We met in Stillwater MN at the Stillwater Soccer Dome.

This facility is great because it is very large and is a great distance for me to get into MN and work with my clients there. The last time we had a long snapping lesson we focused on very basic aspects of snapping due to the fact that James was a beginner that had no previous long snapping instruction.

We were able to make strides in learning how everything basically works but we still had a long way to go. Before we left our last lesson I gave James a handful of stretches I needed him to do so that we could get him in a better stance.

He was unable to sink his hips very far due to a tightness in his hip flexors. Coming into this long snapping lesson James had done some of the exercises I had given him, but was still fairly tight. I believe it will take a while to get his muscles and joints loose enough.

We started back at the beginning and did a short review of what we covered last week. James had become a lot better at keeping his wrists tight during the release of the football and his hand speed was considerably better as well.

While we touched on the basics again, the main focus of this long snapping lesson was to get James locking and sliding his feet correctly. We went through a couple of drills working on being explosive and the proper mechanics.

It wasn't until halfway through the drills that something clicked for James and he started to get the hang of it. Due to his lack of flexibility however it is tough for him to lock his knees and extend through with his arms at the same time.

He had a much better day of snapping and you could definitely see a change in how the ball came off his hands. At the end of the lesson we worked on some flexibility and some things he could do at home along with the stretches I gave him last lesson.

In a few weeks James will be a whole new long snapper, ready to rock and snap some footballs!

- Kyle Stelter

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