January 13, 2013

Long Snapping Lessons with Nick Neumann and Jordan Winegar

Today I had a long snapping lesson with Jordan Winegar and Nick Neumann. Nick is from Inver Grove Heights Minnesota, Jordan is from Hammond Wisconsin, both are going to be freshman in high school.

Jordan attended long snapping camp on Dec 29th but this was my first lesson with both students. We started today very basic working on proper hand position and how to properly release the ball to get a tight spiral.

Both students came to me trying to spin the football, luckily Jordan came to camp so he already had a head start. After covering how to hold and release the ball I took them through the release progression that I take long snappers through everyday in order to reinforce tight wrists and proper hand position.

After the first drill you could already see the ball coming off their hands better. After working this drill for a while, I determined they were ready to move on. We then focused on the motion your arms go through in order to get a good long snap.

When we do this I make the students lock out their legs and isolate the arms in order to direct their attention to only their upper body. The simpler you can make a drill, the easier a student will pick up the skill.

After working the arm motion for a while we added a ball. Once again I isolated the arms by having them lock the legs bringing their focus to what they were doing with their upper body. During this period I was able to correct and reinforce their wrist and hand position along with talking about release points and aiming. Both students picked up on this quickly and we were able to see results fast!

Later in the long snapping lesson I introduced leg drive, starting slowly with just extending the legs and we built up to locking and sliding. Both students got the main idea behind leg drive but needed subtle changes and tweaks.

One of those, which is common is balance. We worked their balance point by having both students practice slow leg extension followed by full snap motion with both arms and legs involved while standing on a bench.

After this drill we proceeded into full snaps. Neither student was perfect but no one is their first time. I was able to make more small tweaks during this period to hand position, balance points, and follow through issues and both made improvements! I'm very happy with the progress made today by each student. I can't wait to make more progress at our next lesson.

If you would like to schedule a long snapping lesson contact Special Teams University today!

- Kyle Stelter

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