January 17, 2013

Long Snapping Lesson with Nick Clements

Today I had a long snapping lesson with Nick Clements who just recently got back with his tryout with the Nebraska Danger, an arena football team. Nick snapped very well and we will hopefully hear back from them soon.

Nick has decided that he not only wants to give arena football a try, but he wants to try and snap at the highest level he can. Nick has a long way to go but is very determined and works hard.

My first time meeting Nick was at camp this past December. During his charting, his snaps were averaging 1 second back to the punter at 15 yards and were all over the place. Obviously this is not ideal... Over the past month Nick and I have refined his snapping through long snapping lessons and he has now brought his snap time down to .88 seconds along with boosting his accuracy.

In today's lesson we fine tuned some small errors in Nick's snapping along with working on speeding up his hips and hands so that he was more explosive. We started off with our normal warm up then progressed into full long snaps where I was able to get a sense of what we needed to work on.

Nicks snaps had a bit of flutter on them at the beginning of our lesson so we focused on having him turn his hands out more and flexing at the wrists more flicking the ball away. After drilling this a bit his spirals tightened up.

We then moved on to working leg drive. I believe that you can never be 100% perfect every snap with your leg drive. The more you work on it the closer you can be to perfection. Nick has come a long way from not using his legs at all to having a decent leg drive!

We corrected some small balance issues and had nick sliding with no problem towards the end of the day. A bigger slide and more speed will come with stronger legs and hips as well. After working his slide we continued the long snapping lesson and did a few more full punt snaps.

This time I was able to see that Nick was not extending to his full potential. We did a extension drill that not only works extension, but hand position and tight wrists as well. After that Nick's snaps were looking better already. Here are some before and after's so far of Nick's snapping. We still have work to do but he is progressing nicely.

Nick has another tryout this weekend with the Kansas Koyotes, another arena team. If arena does not pan out this year Nick plans on checking out the semi-pro leagues in the area to help him practice his skills while he trains. Good luck Nick! 

If you would like to improve like Nick has, contact Kyle Stelter for long snapping lessons!

- Kyle Stelter

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