January 22, 2013

Long Snapping at the Kicking Pow Wow

Monday January 21st I was able to team up with Husted Kicking Coach Brady Beeson to put on a kicking tournament. The idea behind this was to get guys in one place and have some fun while doing a little competition for some prizes.

Brady was able to get some high caliber kickers from the high school level all the way to the arena football level. I was able to bring in 3 of my best long snappers to snap for these guys during their competition.

Since this was just for fun I didn't do a lot of coaching, but I was able to observe some things that I will be able to apply at our next long snapping lesson with all three guys that attended.

The first long snapper that I would like to tell you about is Grant Studer. Grant is a sophomore long snapper at Apple Valley High School.

He came to me last year as a freshman and had never had any previous long snapping coaching. After a few long snapping lessons he really picked up on the things I was teaching and has been developing nicely into a great long snapper. Grant still has a way to go but he will be a great high school snapper in the years to come.

The second long snapper I would like to talk about is James Ring. James is a junior at Blake High School. I have a few write ups on James as he is very dedicated and has been consistently doing long snapping lessons with me this year. 

If you have read previous posts you know James came to me with no coaching and was very raw so we started from the basics. James is progressing very nicely and was the most consistent long snapper in this competition. I would like to see him put a little more zip on the ball, but that will come with practice and a few tweaks to what he does. I was very proud of how he snapped though and I see a bright future for him. 

The third long snapper is Tommy Singer. I got into contact with Tommy through Brady Beeson who was coaching specialists at Apple Valley High School where Tommy is going to be a senior and is their all star QB and long snapper.

Tommy came to me already being a solid long snapper but needed work to refine his form and consistency. Tommy is currently rated a 5 star NCS long snapper and could snap at the D1 level however he is also a D1 level QB.... This causes a dilemma because at the D1 level coaches do not want their QB to be their long snapper as well. He is continuing to work on his snapping and has been doing a great job!

Every snapper did a  great job at the competition and is progressing nicely. Each of these guys have a ton of talent and with hard work they will be at the top of their classes!

- Kyle Stelter

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