January 8, 2013

Special Teams University Long Snapping Lesson with Nick Clements

Today I met up with Nick Clements (former College of St.Scholastica long snapper) for our 2nd private long snapping lesson. Last week we really focused on leg drive and the proper positions to be in while long snapping.

This week we took it a little further and really fine tuned some things. The more a student progresses with their overall form the more I can pick out smaller and smaller details to focus on to help them become a great long snapper!

Today we reviewed some basics like working tight wrists and timing of the snap as a whole. Nick is a fast learner and caught on quick. We talked about how to be more accurate while snapping and also had a little cone challenge that helps guys a lot.

When you aim at something so small like a cone, when you get back to snapping to a person your small misses on the cone turn into unnoticeable misses on a person. Nick did very well! He did not hit the cone, but came frustratingly close a handful of times. He will progress to drilling the cone every time very soon.

Towards the end of the long snapping lesson we focused on the art of short snapping for PAT's and FG's. Nick is a very accurate short snapper but lacked speed. I believe that if the snap is too slow, then the kicker has to rush to get the kick off in time.

If you send a fast, catchable snap to the holder the kicker can take a bit more time to make sure he  makes every kick. The key word here is CATCHABLE! If you are slinging bullets that the holder cannot handle then your not doing anyone a favor.

However I have had a few holders that just didn't have the best hands....so make sure you find a good one! We were able to speed Nick's PAT snaps up by having him extend his knees a bit while he released. He was using almost 100% upper body before.

Overall Nick had a good day of long snapping and improved! He is a hard worker who will continue to hone his craft to become the best long snapper he can be.

Nick also has an Arena Football tryout next week in Nebraska. Good luck Nick!!

- Kyle Stelter

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