March 31, 2013

Long Snapping Lesson with James Ring

By: Long Snapping Coach Kyle Stelter

March 24th 2013 I met up with James Ring for a long snapping lesson. James and I have been working for a few months now and you can tell by his long snapping that he has been working hard. If you have read previous posts on James you would know that he came to me as a beginning long snapper. We had to implement everything from the grip to the stance, to the correct motions to go through.

Even though I have given James a few long snapping lessons, this long snapping lesson was focused on getting James to lock out his legs completely during his snap. If you watch him snap it looks like he is very close to locking out, but if you get him on film and slow it down you can see that he is actually extending his legs, then hopping, bringing his feet underneath him, then locking his knees out.

After figuring out that this was an issue we went back to drills, leg lock drills, full body drills, timing drills... James was able to execute every drill without a problem however, as soon as he got a ball in his hand it got more difficult and his form fell apart.

When I saw this happening I thought that maybe he wasn't quite understanding the full motion. I broke it down slower and also explained the slide like you dodging an inside pitch at your knees in baseball. Instead of just letting him think about that I made him stand like he was about to bat and I underhanded footballs at his knees so he had to slide and lock them to get out of the way.

I am no baseball coach, but I remember playing baseball when I was younger and that was exactly how I would dodge an inside pitch. Butt out, knees locked, slide the feet...I thought this translated nicely into a long snapping drill. After doing this drill a few times I had him snap a ball, then do a drill involving the slide, then snap a ball, then do a slide.

By the end of the long snapping lesson you could see a big difference in the way James snapped the ball in a good way! I think that changing the way I explained the lock and slide really helped him to grasp the concept and start to excel!

I will be meeting up with James on April 7th to put together a short snapping tape to get out to colleges and help him get his name out there in the whole college recruiting process.

If you would like to meet up with Coach Stelter to take a long snapping lesson, or get help on gaining college exposure click the link below.

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