April 21, 2013

Long Snapping Lesson with James Ring

By: Long Snapping Coach Kyle Stelter

Today I met up with James Ring of The Blake High School in MN for our long snapping lesson. James has been improving on his long snapping since the first day we met. At first James had issues with flexibility which limited his ability to get into a proper long snapping stance. After weeks and weeks of flexibility training James came in today being the most flexible I have seen him yet!

We focused today's long snapping lesson on getting into a better stance, and leg lock. James is extremely close to getting perfect leg lock while long snapping however he is still getting a slight hop into his leg drive instead of locking and sliding.

We drilled and drilled leg lock today which went perfectly! James is able to get leg lock 100% correctly while doing the long snapping drills, however the mental side of long snapping is tougher than people think. You could be the best at any long snapping drill but fall apart attempting a full long snap. This is due to the mental side of long snapping.

James long snaps are better and better every week. His PAT snaps are nearly flawless and he is already gaining interest from high caliber schools that are looking at him for his academics as well as his long snapping.

During our next long snapping lesson we will be focusing more on the mental side of long snapping to get James focused and transfer what he can do during long snapping drills into full long snaps.

After we were done long snapping I gave James his long snapping specific weight training program. The Special Teams University snapper training program is 9 weeks long and will take a beginning long snapper and give him the size and muscle mass that he needs to play at the next level.

If you would like to purchase the Special Teams University long snapper lifting manual contact long snapping coach Kyle Stelter.

If you would like to train with long snapping coach Kyle Stelter click the link below to contact him directly to schedule your long snapping lesson today!

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