April 7, 2013

Long Snapping Testimonials

Over time, Special Teams University's long snapping Coach Kyle Stelter has worked with many long snappers with great feedback from them all. Some have written testimonials to let everyone know how they felt about us!

Here are a few of the testimonials that have been sent in:

Michael Husted, Former NFL Kicker, President and owner of National Camp Series:
"Kyle has taken his skill of long snapping and is now sharing it with other aspiring athletes. Kyle is one of the smoothest long snappers that I have seen and could easily snap in the NFL. Anyone looking to learn how to snap or get their son lessons, Kyle is your guy." 
D1 College Long Snapping Student:
"When I got the chance to work with long snapping Coach Stelter on my skills before I came to Eastern Michigan it was great. We really worked on the little things. Of course, the little things matter the most. Kyle really showed me a lot considering before our lessons together I just did basic two-handed long snapping.

Before I learned how to snap two-handed, I was a very good one-handed long snapper, but i eventually learned that I wasn't able to do one-handed anymore, so I had to transition. Because of his lessons he helped me come in as a freshman 3rd stringer and become the 2nd stringer and travel over another senior. I thank him a lot. My speed is incredible and my accuracy as a two-handed long snapper is near perfect. I'm only getting better thanks to the help of Coach Stelter. He is helping me get to my dream of being in the NFL with the big dogs."

Jesse, D1 College Long Snapping Student:

"Working with Coach Stelter was great for me, I learned a lot that I never knew about long snapping! I was able to learn thatlong snapping is way more technical than I thought and we spent time perfecting the little things this weekend. Coach Stelter was able to get rid of my hitch and help me gain speed in my snap. He also helped me with targeting the ball on the punter and how to be more accurate.

We worked many long snapping drills
 and I'm looking forward to working with him again! It was a great experience for me and was well worth the trip from San Antonio, Texas. I would recommend Coach Stelter to any upcoming long snapper looking for guidance and long snapping instruction. The work we did together has helped me to improve, I could see improvement in the few hours we were working this weekend. I just want to give a big thanks to him for helping me become the best long snapper I can be."
Mitch, D1 College Long Snapping Student:

"Coach Stelter is an expert on Long Snapping. His experience of playing at the professional level is invaluable. Through one on one long snapping lessons he has helped me with technique, which as reduced my snap times, and improved my accuracy tremendously!! He can help anyone looking to improve their long snapping." 
Mac Ryerse, Father of student:
"Kyle is a thoughtful instructor who is careful to assess the strengths and weaknesses in his students before prescribing change. He appropriately focuses each lesson on one key theme rather than attempting multiple fixes simultaneously, and by doing this, he can best meet each student in the area where they need to grow the most." 
Lee Carlson, Head Football Coach at St. James High School in MN:

"Kyle was very flexible to find a time and place that worked for my athlete. He came across very knowledgeable and committed to the best interests of my player. He customized the training program in a great way and followed up later to keep tabs on his progress and achievements. I believe it was an asset that helped my athlete gain a college scholarship." 
Steve Markham, Father of Long Snapper Ross Markham - U.S. Coast Guard Academy:
"My son recently reported for a 4 year education at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. He had long snapped through High School but needed to improve his speed and consistency to be competitive at the collegiate level. Given his busy demanding schedule it was difficult to work in the coaching necessary to improve his game. Coach Stelter worked with us to accommodate our schedule and in a few short one on one long snapping lessons significantly improved both speed and consistency. Coach Stelter continues to coach through virtual long snapping lessons even with my son in Connecticut." 

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