May 27, 2013

Lions Long Snapper Don Muhlbach Works With New Punter and Holder

By: Long Snapping Coach Kyle Stelter

Long snapping is arguably one of the toughest positions in football. Im not looking for an argument here, but not everyone can do it. As a long snapping coach I am able to work with many students, some pick the skill up quickly, but most struggle and have to work at it. 

There are very few long snappers that can reach near perfection. One of them being Don Muhlbach, the long snapper for the Detroit Lions. Don will be entering his 10th season as the teams long snapper and is also a pro bowler. 

Don has been established as the best long snapper in the NFL and also one of the fastest snap speeds. 

"...Martin quickly learned that Muhlbach's "Nolan Ryan" reputation was well earned. The first time he caught Muhlbach's snaps, Martin didn't think he'd have to play deeper or tape a sponge to his palm to handle the speed, but there was a distinct difference from anything he'd handled at Appalachian State or in his offseason workouts as he prepared for the draft."

This season Don will be snapping to a left footed kicker, David Akers and a new punter Sam Martin.

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