May 23, 2013

Long Snapper Joe Marchese Will Walk on at Maryland

By: Long Snapping Coach Kyle Stelter

Not all long snappers were born long snappers, or even did it as their first position in high school! Some dabbled and now either play college or make careers out the skill. I was just like Marchese, a offensive lineman with dreams of playing college football.

When I realized I couldn't play offensive line I learned to long snap. As a long snapping coach I see this all the time. If you want to play college football and are undersized, long snapping could be your route!!

Sometimes when following your dreams you run into a road block....don't change the dream, change the path.

"A two-year starting offensive lineman for a perennial state qualifier, Joe Marchese has accepted an invitation to be a preferred walk-on at the University of Maryland, which will be joining the Big Ten in another year. The 6-3, 230-pounder won't play O-line, though. Rather, Marchese will long snap."

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