July 16, 2013

Creating a Long Snapping Highlight Film For Coaches

By: Long Snapping Coach Kyle Stelter

Creating a Long Snapping Highlight Film for College Coaches

Sunday July 13th I met up with James Ring of The Blake School in MN to help him create a highlight film of his snaps to send out to college coaches. I have been coaching James for a while now although there is still work to do to get better, he has shown great improvement!

James had just returned from impressing a bunch of college coaches over on the east coast at a handful of specialists camps. From what he told me he did great and had caught the eye of some coaches which is always great to hear! To help his chances of gaining a scholarship we went out to East Ridge High School in Woodbury MN to film some long snaps to put together for coaches.

When sending film out to coaches I like to have my guys try to get as many un-cut, consecutive long snaps on film as they can. Not only is this impressive if you are perfect, it also ensures that you are not just showing them your very best and editing out your worst. James did very well and we were able to get 15 consecutive long snaps on film for him!

It is also important to show other skills such as blocking or covering. If a school you are interested in does a certain scheme that requires blocking, coaches are going to want to see if you are able to block! I would recommend learning how to block if you do not know how to already so that if your college team ever changes schemes you won't have to start from scratch. We did 5 blocking snaps to the right and 5 to the left, along with one snap, block, and cover to show his running ability.

After we had all of his punt snaps done we focused on field goal snaps. James snaps a good ball for PAT's and we demonstrated this by having him snap live PAT snaps to one of the best kickers in the nation for his age Grant Ryerse of East Ridge High School.

Coaches can pick up a lot of information on you just watching your film so make sure you put it together nicely and it is not sloppy!

James will be sending this film out to a handful of coaches who will look at it and hopefully be impressed!

Some other information to include:

  1. your address
  2. your email address
  3. your cell phone
  4. your high school coaches 
    1. name
    2. number
    3. address
  5. any special accomplishments (ACT, GPA, Honors)
  6. any special sports accomplishments (Rankings, awards)
  7. your snapping coach's information

Just to recap this article, here are some things you should include in your long snapping highlight film:

  • uncut consecutive snaps
  • blocking steps with snaps
  • snap and cover
  • snap, block, and cover
  • field goal snaps
Enjoy James' Highlight film:

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