July 28, 2013

Private Long Snapping Lesson With Jordan Winegar

By: Long Snapping Coach Kyle Stelter

Sunday July 28th I met up with Jordan Winegar of St. Croix Central High School to work on his long snapping. Jordan had been taking some time off to work on some prescribed flexibility training along with some fundamental work on his own. Coming into today I was hoping that he had made some progress in his training and he very much surprised me today!

During today's lesson I wanted to be able to reevaluate Jordan and his form since we haven't met for a few weeks. Jordan's long snapping had definitely improved but he was still struggling in a few areas. One of those areas was his routine. Today we focused on doing the same things to set up for the snap every time. If you are a snapper without a routine, you will not be a consistent snapper

Another aspect we focused on was a little timing issues with his hands and his legs but mostly his balance during his snap. When you snap with your legs locking and sliding your rear end must be behind your heels. If it is not you will have too much weight leaning forward and you will fall forward. Jordan was having issues falling forward every time so we worked on his balance in his stance along with how to shift his weight after the ball is out.

After we had drilled for a while, Jordan went from a sporadic snapper to snapping nice tight spirals all inside the body of the punter. I was very impressed with his coach-ability today and am excited to see him continue to grow.

We talked today about how he is only going to be a freshman and will grow into his body and feel more comfortable snapping but I am also excited to see him grow as he wears size 14 shoes as an 8th grader!

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