December 3, 2014

Long Snapping Tips and Tricks Brought to You by Special Teams University

By: Long Snapping Coach Kyle Stelter

We have started a weekly long snapping video series called "Long Snapping Tips and Tricks". The purpose of these videos is to educate long snappers and coaches about basic techniques and little tricks picked up from the experience Coach Famiglietti and I picked up from playing at the Division 1 and Professional levels. A new video will be posted every Wednesday! We want to share our advice with all of you to help you become better long snappers!

Check out our videos, give them a like, and start getting better today! The newest videos are at the bottom, please view them all! We don't want you to miss out on anything!


Does the size of a long snapper matter?
How to fix a wobbly snap.
Snapping in wet and rainy conditions.
Snapping with gloves.
How to handle pressure.
Should I stagger my feet?
Coming back from a bad snap.
Snapping and blocking.
How to increase snap speed.
Cold weather snapping.
Look and no-look snapping.
Stance width.
Easy offseason drills.
Highlight films.
Increasing accuracy.
Long Snapper shoulder pads.
College recruiting.
Offseason Training
How Many Snaps Per Session?
What Lifts Will Make Me a Better Long Snapper?

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